It’s Been “Real…Ryde”

An offer to early-terminate our lease agreement was presented by our landlord and we accepted it. We reflect on the past 36+ months with a mix of emotions. When we first opened our Lexington location, we did so in hopes of providing a unique experience that really made an impact on the lives of others. We carried this same hope in our opening of our Devine Street Location and our move to The Firm. Each decision has been carefully evaluated. We have considered many things, including our beloved instructors, clients and our personal circumstances. Unfortunately, sometimes things do not work out as planned and after much reflection and discussion, we have decided to close C-Cycle’s Lexington studio effective April 1st. and Devine St. effective June 1st 2015.

We were very open and willing to do whatever we needed to make things work, but it simply came down to numbers and the numbers at Lexington and now Devine St. were just not enough to continue. This lack of participation was also very unfair to you all as clients and we feel that you deserve to have bigger classes to provide an exciting environment. Please know we have grown very close to many of you and the thought of not having you in our lives brings us much sadness. You are like family to us.
We will of course honor any outstanding packages with refunds. In addition, we will be selling many of the RealRyder bikes at a deeply discounted rate. Email us if you are interested. Again, this decision was not an easy one, but necessary in hopes of keeping our passion and focus on providing a premier experience for our clients and instructors. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions. Sincerely, Angela and Cesar Leon
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