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Pedaling for Affordable Housing – A Bike & Build Adventure (In Memory of Harrison Greenway)



In May of 2014 one of our clients will begin a cross-country cycling tour with an organization that aims to raise funds and awareness to benefit affordable housing groups. Here is the chronicle of her journey…

“This blog is dedicated to my brother, Harrison Greenway (4/22/1992 – 2/24/2013), and is as much a story of grief as it is of adventure and service. Check out my first post: For you, baby brother…


Friday, December 20, 2013

Little Pieces of the Puzzle

Here’s a brief summary of what’s been going on over the past few weeks re: Bike & Build.A. I passed B&B’s online safety quiz!

B. I have now raised over $1,000! This (in conjunction with point A) means I am eligible to order the bike I will ride this summer.

As soon as the new year rolls in B&B will contact an LBS (local bike shop) so that I can begin the ordering process. The women’s base model that B&B is using this year is the Giant Avail 3. If I get to pick the color, I’m going with the black/red/white:

C. I ordered business cards so I can spread the word more efficiently/effectively!
D. I joined The Joint, a national chain of chiropratic clinics. I want to make sure my body is properly aligned going into this summer because I know I will be pushing my body to it’s limits.E. I also joined a new indoor cycling studio called C Cycle. This studio is the first of its kind in South Carolina; the bikes they have are called Real Ryder and are unique in that they move with your body unlike standard stationary bikes. The owner of C Cycle, Cesar Leon, has been very supportive and I have really enjoyed getting to know him and his staff! I encourage everyone in the area to check it out. Click here to visit C Cycle Studio’s website! (Cesar, if you would like to leave a comment below, please feel free to advertise further!)

F. B&B released the 2014 Rider Manual. I spent almost an entire weekend reading 120+ pages. I only have one section left to go!

G. My mom bought me a hydration backpack and sleeping bag! Merry Christmas to me!

Phew, I think that’s about it!

As always, thank you to everyone who has shown support!

To read more about MG’s journey or to learn on how to support this great cause, please visit her blog site at http://mgsc2sc.blogspot.com/





  • Burn more calories than walking – or even running!
  • Train your muscles to burn more fat efficiently
  • Protect your joints and stay injury free

Firm up, slim down, and get in shape.

The “road” to weight-loss success begins with Indoor Cycling.

Why (only) run – or walk – when you can rYde?


Perhaps the best kept secret in fitness is that Indoor Cycling can burn more calories than running. Indoor cycling, aka: Spinning® burns a whopping 160% MORE CALORIES per hour compared to running. C Cycle Studio’s RealRyder® bikes add another aspect to burn even more calories! Not bad for a low-impact sport that keeps your joints healthy mile after mile and is a lot of fun too! The numbers are based on an average participant as there are additional factors that  impact calorie expenditure. One of the most prominent factors is the weight and effort of the participant. For example,  a 130-pound person can burn 620 calories after a vigorous indoor cycling session, but a 200-pound person can burn almost a thousand calories in the same workout. Group exercise creates a supportive environment which also encourages participants to stick with the workout.  So while the different factors may change the numbers a little, and  generalization about calorie expenditure can be difficult, there is no doubt about the effectiveness of the workout!

Get on one of C Cycle Studio’s RealRyder® bikes…sweat, have fun and  burn fat like crazy!


Indoor Cycling may be your answer to losing those stubborn pounds and keeping them off for good. Your best body ever is within reach! Our bikes can get you there,and C Cycle Studio® can show you the way — faster, smarter, safer.

Contact us today at  C Cycle Studio®We can help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

With packages starting as low as $5.00 per ride, you can’t go wrong.


Every session at C Cycle Studio®  puts you on the fast track to weight loss success!


Credit where credit is due:




Self Magazine: Spinning Does NOT Bulk Your Thighs


It takes a tremendous amount of heavy weights, time and dedication to get strong legs like these,


however, in order to achive and mantain a lean & sexy pair of legs like these,


 or these,


   then Indoor Cycling Spinning at C Cycle Studio maybe the answer you have been wating for… 


SELF Exclusive! We Got the Truth on Whether Spinning Bulks Up Your Legs or Not


So, you guys, Spinning does cause bulk — but in terms of your calorie burn. Your confidence. Your love of Capital Cities “Safe and Sound” remixes.

But what it really, truly, despite-the-copious-hoopla-from-this-week does NOT do is bulk your thighs.

We were tempted to end our post with that (and this), but we want you to know why your Flywheel class won’t give you Hulk legs. So we asked exercise physiologist Michele Olson, Ph.D., professor of exercise science at Auburn University Montgomery (and our very own Dr. Abs) to lay it out:

“You have two types of muscle fibers; one type are endurance fibers. When you do aerobic exercise, like Spinning, you use these fibers,” Olson says. OK, easy so far. “These fibers can become more fatigue-resistant from doing activities like Spinning and running [aka, it feels easier to do the same workout], but they do not bulk. You have to lift heavy weights doing multiple sets to cause muscle growth in your power/strength fibers, and you don’t use these to any appreciable degree during cardio exercise.” Aha! But wait, there’s more.

Olson went on to say that recent studies have shown that women actually lose fat from their guts and lower bodies when they cycle often. In other words, their thighs likely look smaller.

Yes, your legs may appear a little pumped after SoulCycle, “but that’s temporary, and due to more blood flow and higher blood pressure in the muscle beds in your legs,” Olson explains. “You also take up extra water when you sweat a lot, and the muscle beds that are used in any activity will store more water to compensate. But these changes aren’t because of increased muscle size or more fat, and they’ll fade within an hour.”

So! Keep Spinning (and lifting weights, and stretching, and penning handwritten thank-you notes, because you know they’re all good for you). It strengthens your heart, flattens your abs, and burns off tons of calories.

Wanna read more about it? click here and  also, watch your diet



Why And How Runners Should Cross-Train

By Jeff Horowitz  Published May. 8, 2013 Updated May. 8, 2013 at 8:18 PM 
            Cross-training workouts such as spinning allow you to increase your aerobic base without beating on your body.


The rationale for cross-training is simple: Your heart and cardiovascular system don’t care exactly what you do to get them in shape, so any exercise that causes an adaption response in these systems, whether in the gym or on the roads, will prepare you to some degree for a long-distance road race. Cross-training enables you to get in some big cardio workouts without putting a lot of wear and tear on the body. As a result, it can help you build a big cardio base more quickly and effectively than can be accomplished by running alone.

Here’s why: We know that running can be hard on the body because of the impact forces that it generates. But it’s not just the pounding that’s responsible for the soreness we feel after a hard workout or race. Running  is also hard on the body because of the unique nature of the movement. Most contractions involve a shortening of the muscle, as when we flex our elbow and contract our biceps. But not so with running. On landing, the knee on the supporting leg is extended and the hamstring muscles there are stretched.

Please click here to read more.


USC Senior Nursing Student joins C Cycle Studio


ChelseaFrom Cincinnati, Ohio… I am a senior nursing student at University of South Carolina. Living an active and healthy lifestyle has been a passion of mine since before my high schools days of playing Lacrosse and Field Hockey. Exercise is what keeps me sane and drives my energy on a daily basis. Runningyoga and weight training keep me busy when I am not cycling. I am all about group classes of any kind- especially when it comes to indoor cycling. I am very excited to share the adventure of C-Cycle and teach others how to work out and have fun! I appreciate the efficiency and quality of workout onRealRyder bikes and I will use my high-energy and creativity to bring an exciting dynamic to my classes. I can promise you each ride will be a challenge and push you to your max leaving you sweaty and smiling!



Columbia’s Devine Street New C-Cycle (Indoor Cycling/Spinning) Studio Now open


The paint is dry, the dust has settled, the audio and visual is up and running and our new trainers are certified. We are ready to share with you our amazing studio!

We don't Just Spin, We Ryde Facebook size

South Carolina’s first and only RealRyder® cycling/” title=”View all articles about Indoor Cycling here”>Indoor Cycling studio C-Cycle Studio - brings the city the ride of its life, with fun and functional “unstationary” indoor cycling classes.  With a second location, on Devine Street this dynamic method integrates several muscle groups for a cohesive, total body workout that improves strength, stability and coordination, while increasing cardio capacity and burning extra calories (more than traditional “spinning”).

Now with 2 locations (Lexington’s Old Mill and on Devine Street)  RealRyder Indoor Cycles stand ready on articulating frames to turn, tilt and lean, closely simulating the fluid sensation and total body challenges of actual road cycling.  Class participants are guided through an energizing and exhilarating workout by one of the studio’s certified trainers, where they perform a range of dynamic, functional movements.  This delivers a comprehensive, cardio intensive upper and lower body workout, going well beyond the limits of a traditional stationery bike or a spinning class.

How are we different? 

  • Our Bikes- REALRYDER bikes are new to the industry and revolutionizing the indoor cycling and group exercise classes all over the WORLD, but we are the first to have them in SC!  A true 3-dimensional workout these bikes offer a total body workout.  These bikes are great for all ages and fitness levels. They provide an incredible workout and are so much fun!
  • Our Studio – C-Cycle Studio is dedicated just to indoor cycling, so the classes, the music and the bikes are our focus.  We make sure the bikes are always working and maintained.
  • Our Music- No worries of being too loud or not loud enough, we focused on an incredible sound system that enables our instructors to control easily and allows you to enjoy the experience.
  • Our online reservation system and mobile apps- Hey your time is valuable and we don’t want you to make the trip to come to see us and not have a bike.  Our online reservation system insures you have a bike waiting for you when you get to class. We also welcome walk- ins, but we recommend you check ahead for availability online, if you want to come in at the last minute.
  • Our Ride Packages- gym/” title=”View all articles about No membership here”>No membership is required and with our different ride packages available you can ride for as low as $10 or less per ride.  We also offer student and military discounts and family ride packages too!
  • Our classes and trainers-We encourage creativity and diversity from our trainers so you will find one that’s your favorite or maybe all of them will be! We will offer different varieties in our music and class formats. We are looking forward to rides through faraway lands and local venues. We will have rides with purpose and ones just for fun and stress relief.  We also cater to tri-athletes and avid outdoor cyclist… ask us about distance training opportunities!

For a limited time, C-Cycle Studio will offer the first week free to interested riders.  The class schedule comprises several class time choices on both weekdays and weekends.  The facility is also available for private or group instruction and parties. 

C-Cycle Studio is located at 711 East Main Street in Lexington’s Old Mill and at 2604 Devine Street (NOW OPEN).  For class schedules, reservations and additional information, please visit www.ccyclestudio.com or call 803-609-9490


How to Become a Better Climber in Your Spinning Classes





I found this slideshow and I thought it could prove useful for Spinning & cycling instructors. Joe Friel shared a short slideshow on Climbing Like a Tour Rider on the Training Peaks website. While some of the information is more geared for outdoor cyclists than indoor, much can also be applied to your training in your indoor classes. Besides, as an indoor cycling instructor, it’s always good to expand your knowledge of what a cyclist should learn to become faster and more powerful. Ultimately, the basics of training and technique are the same outdoors and in. The rules don’t change from one to the other!


Here are some of the tips that are most applicable to coaching and riding indoors:

  • develop your aerobic base and your anaerobic (lactate) threshold
  • a way to do hill cruise intervals
  • seated or standing?
  • cadence and pedal stroke
  • change your attitude and believe you love climbing!

Watch this slideshow and share it with your peers!

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